How to get food in Manor Lords and stock up for winter (2024)

How to get food in Manor Lords and stock up for winter (1)

Getting food in Manor Lords is a priority when growing your town and important to build population approval in your new settlement. Just like knowing how to get fuel in Manor Lords, being able to produce food is crucial to survive generally, especially the winter, and to grow and progress.

Wintertime is when you'll be most aware of the need for food as they supplies dwindle due to the reduced opportunities to replenish your stocks. To prevent this happening, my Manor Lords food guide will cover foraging, hunting and all the basics you need to keeping your townsfolk feed. I've also got some more general tips and tricks for Manor Lords to help with all the other early issues you might hit.

How to get food in Manor Lords

How to get food in Manor Lords and stock up for winter (2)

Your main food sources in Manor Lords are meat, berries, backyard extension goods like eggs or vegetables, and bread. For the best start you want to find an animal habitat and berry deposit on your map and, in the Gathering menu, choose the Hunting Camp for the animals and Forager's Hut for the berries. You'll then need to assign at least one person to each to actively go and gather each food type.

The default Manor Lords scenario settings should start the game during Spring, meaning berries will be plentiful initially but be aware that this resource dwindles to nothing during winter. Be sure, as well, to adjust the population limit at the Hunting Camp to ensure you don't hunt animals to extinction. Vegetables are another important Manor Lords food source. Any level 1 Burgage plot with a large enough backyard can add a vegetable garden as an extension, or a chicken coop to grant a passive yield of eggs.

Hunting, foraging and burgage farming will give you a strong diversity of food built so make sure you build the appropriate storage buildings to build up stores and assign people to run them. That will build up food reserves for tougher times and, if there's plenty to go around, that means a higher approval rating and a better chance of newcomers being attracted to join your settlement.

Bread is also a very valuable resource but will take a few extra steps. The pay off, however, is that a single wheat harvest is enough to set you up for the rest of the year. To make bread in Manor Lords you need to first grow and harvest wheat in one of a fields by assigning a few people to a Farmhouse. Then, build a Windmill in a distant clearing for good wind, that still has decent road access, and assign one of your idle Manor Lords people there to refine the wheat into flour. The last step is to build a Communal Oven and assign someone else to bake the flour into bread.

If you've been building enough Manor Lords regional wealth to set up Trade Routes in Manor Lords you can also set up routes for things like bread, grain, meat etc and then set the options to 'import' only. You'll use up your cash buying food in but it can get you through tough patches.

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How to get food in Manor Lords and stock up for winter (3)

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How to get food in Manor Lords and stock up for winter (2024)


How to get food in Manor Lords and stock up for winter? ›

If you've been building enough Manor Lords regional wealth to set up Trade Routes in Manor Lords you can also set up routes for things like bread, grain, meat etc and then set the options to 'import' only. You'll use up your cash buying food in but it can get you through tough patches.

How to get more food in Manor Lords? ›

Eggs and Vegetables: The barns in the backyard

You can also obtain food in Manor Lords by way of backyard extensions. These are structural upgrades for Burgage Plots (i.e. housing): Vegetable Garden - Requires 15x Regional Wealth. Chicken Coop - Requires 25x Regional Wealth.

How to get more Fuel in Manor Lords? ›

Earn a Development Point by upgrading your settlement to the next level and unlock the “Charcoal Burning” skill at the bottom of the Development tab. This allows you to turn Firewood into Charcoal. One Firewood makes two Charcoal, so this is the more efficient way of getting Fuel in Manor Lords.

How to get sheep Manor Lords? ›

First, you have to buy them from a livestock trading post, so you'll need plenty of Regional Wealth (30 each). Then, you'll need someplace to keep them — a sheep farm, a pasture, or an upgrade to your farm fields. And you'll need a sheep farm anyway to shear the sheep.

How do I get more food in Lords mobile? ›

The Farm is a Resource Building that produces Food. The player may have as many Farms as they wish, as long as the total number of Farm, Lumber Mill, Mine and Quarry does not exceed 18. Upgrading a Farm will increase its Food Production rate and the maximum Food Storage.

When can I buy Manor Lords? ›

Manor Lords is set to release into early access on April 26, 2024.

How many manors do I need in Lords mobile? ›

At first (once you've unlocked all the spots), you should build 2-3 Barracks and divide the rest of the spots between Manors and Infirmaries. As your troop count grows, keep deleting Manors (and Barracks). Eventually, you won't need more than 2-3 Manors.

How do you get livestock in Manor Lords? ›

They are, instead, acquired by building Chicken Coops or Goat Sheds as extensions to houses (burgages) with a big enough plot to include a backyard.

How to get wool Manor Lords? ›

How To Get And Use Wool in Manor Lords. Once sheep are purchased, the Sheep Farm will begin producing wool. To convert wool into yarn, players will need to build a Weaver Workshop for 4 Wood. Yarn can be used to create clothing items or traded for other goods.

Can you buy a Lord of the Manor? ›

Lordships (sometimes known as 'Lord of the Manor') tend to be the most frequently bought and sold titles in England. To give you an idea of how much you might need to spend if you were to buy a lordship, the title 'Lordship of the manor of Wimbledon' sold for over £150,000 in the late 90s.

How do you get more food in medieval dynasty? ›

Players in need can search the wilderness, foraging for different foods in different seasons. Berries, plantains, and mushrooms are some of the vegetation available to players. And, with a small population of villagers, foraging may suffice needs. However, players should be wary of poisonous berries.

How do you get more oxen in Manor Lords? ›

You may add extra Oxen to your stable in two ways: order it from the Hitching Post or import it through the Livestock Trading Post.

How do you become a Lord of the Manor? ›

How to Become a Laird, Lord or Lady
  1. Buy one: So long as don't mind that the Lordship or Ladyship is a fun novelty, It is possible to purchase a Lordship title from companies like Highland Titles. ...
  2. Marriage: If you marry someone who already holds a Lordship or Lady title, you may be entitled to use the title as well.

How do I get to Upper Manor level? ›

When you reach the far end of that series of walkways, you'll see a wide set of stairs ascending toward a tower. Climb the stairs and catch a lift to the upper level, and then proceed forward to access the Manor Upper Level site of grace.


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