What is the difference between blue and red LYMA Laser? (2024)

What is the difference between blue and red LYMA Laser?

The blue LED power indicator lights used in the original LYMA

Breakthrough ultra-diffused lens delivers targeted, controlled power through all the layers of the skin. It's 100x more effective than LED .
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Laser have an anti-bacterial capability that can help eliminate bacteria. The red LED lights are power indicator lights specifically used in the US. The Laser, meanwhile, is absolutely no different.

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Why are some LYMA lasers red and some blue?

Due to slight differences in regional regulation the LYMA Laser incorporates either red or blue power indicators, however both use the same game changing technology: Near-infrared invisible Low Level Laser Light to reach deep down into the dermis to rejuvenate, plump, tighten and smooth skin.

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What is the difference between a red and blue laser?

Blue lasers are best for applications requiring or utilising reflective and shiny surfaces such as metal. Meanwhile, red lasers are best for measuring moving objects using a high-intensity stripe.

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What is the difference between red laser and blue laser scanner?

Blue laser also triumphs over red laser when measuring on organic, food, transparent and translucent materials. When red laser is used for measurement on these surfaces, it penetrates deeper into the object which causes the laser to be diffused on the surface.

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Can you overuse LYMA Laser?

Although the LYMA Laser cannot be overused in terms of inflicting any damage to the skin, anything longer than one hour's daily use per treatment area will not earn any further benefit.

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Why are blue lasers better than red?

For shiny surface, the shorter wavelength of blue laser generates much less speckling and lower noise level by a factor of three when compared to the red laser. This minimize noise generations and speckles effect and maintain the measurement accuracy at high.

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Why is my LYMA Laser red and not blue?

Due to slight differences in regional regulation the LYMA Laser incorporates either red or blue power indicators, however both use the same game changing technology: Near-infrared invisible Low Level Laser Light to reach deep down into the dermis to rejuvenate, plump, tighten and smooth skin.

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Why is a blue laser better?

Blue laser diodes can have high operating temperatures without significantly affecting their lifetime. This is in part due to their high permissible junction temperatures (~130C); this allows for a narrower ridge, resulting in higher brightness and a more tightly focused beam.

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Which color laser is the most powerful?

Generally, lasers in the blue and violet part of the spectrum tend to be more powerful compared to red or green lasers. This is because shorter wavelengths can carry more energy. However, the power of a laser also depends on other factors such as the technology used to create the laser and its intended application.

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Is red green or blue laser better?

For the record blue has the best battery life of all lasers. Red lasers use the most energy to keeprunning and the green is better but not as good as the blue lasers.

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Why are red lasers cheaper?

- Green lasers are 10 to 50 x brighter than red lasers - Green lasers have a much farther distance than red lasers - Green laser tools typically have more components and better laser diodes which is why they tend to be more expensive.

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What color laser is best?

Green lasers are much more efficient and visible in areas of broad daylight and direct sunlight. They are also able to travel longer distances, which is why they are so popular on construction sites.

What is the difference between blue and red LYMA Laser? (2024)
What do different laser colors mean?

Red lasers use diodes, optics, and various electronic components. Its wavelength is 630-680nm and its power is 5mW and below. Blue Light Laser. Blue light lasers have a shorter wavelength compared to red lasers, allowing for stronger focus or resolution in very fine structures in imaging applications.

What is better than LYMA Laser?

Treatments with the NIRA lasers are on average about 2 to 5 minutes long, 225x faster than the LYMA Laser. The NIRA Pro Laser offers the largest treatment tip for any at-home laser device, meaning you can treat larger surface areas like the neck, chest, and hands in just minutes a day.

Can you use LYMA Laser under eyes?

The only Laser proven to be entirely safe for use around the delicate eye area without the need for protective glasses, the LYMA Laser lifts and firms the eye area, increasing cellular renewal without causing the fragile skin any harm.

Is LYMA Laser really worth it?

Yes, the Lyma laser works on wrinkles, because it can help tighten and firm your skin over time. The laser signals skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin, which essentially makes your skin thicker and more resilient, fending off fine lines and wrinkles from forming and smoothing out the ones you already have.

What color laser does most damage?

Blue and violet lasers have a fairly high potential for harm because our eyes are less sensitive to these colors. As a result, reaction times may be slow, even as the light damages your eyes.

Is a blue laser good?

The beam specs of the blue lasers make them pretty much useless at long distance, so its a no-go for target practice, sniper rifles and such. They would be usable in a range up to about 20 meters though, and very visible even in a bright environment.

Why are green lasers banned?

Due to the eye's sensitivity to green light, and also green lasers carry a risk of IR exposure, green laser pointers should not be used. Only red lasers pointers (633-690 nm) should be used.

Can I use retinol with LYMA Laser?

Yes, you can use the LYMA Laser if you are using a topical retinol.

Why is LYMA so expensive?

Each one of LYMA's ingredients is clinically proven in a suite of peer-reviewed clinical studies. To purchase each ingredient in LYMA separately at the same dosage would cost significantly more money and would mean having to take over 20 pills daily if taking the same ingredients separately.

What is a blue laser used for?

The use of blue light with a short wavelength of 450 nm is ideal for attaining a high absorption rate. The much higher absorption enables high-quality and consistent welding results when laser processing copper.

Are blue lasers stronger?

Blue and Red lasers rated at 1mW will have the same total output power. They might appear to be different because of how the eye works, not all wavelengths of light are perceived the same. As shown in the chart below a blue LED at 460nm (blue) will appear to be dimmer than a red LED at 635nm.

What is the difference between red laser and infrared laser?

Red light is visible and is most effective for use on the surface of the skin. Red light occupies the “long end” of the visible spectrum with wavelengths of 630nm-700nm. Infrared light is invisible and is effective for use on the surface of the skin as well as penetration of about 1.5 inches into the body.

Does the military use red or green lasers?

The military uses both red and green lasers for different purposes. Red lasers are often used for training and target designation, while green lasers are used for long-range target designation and illumination.

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